Dr. Cathie Gum

Awareness, Transformation, & Integration

Individual Therapy for Adults:

Recovering from traumatic incidents
Stopping self-destructive behaviors
Adjusting to new situations and making difficult decisions
Improving relationships
Increasing mind-body awareness
Managing chronic illness 
Facing academic and career stress
Coping with grief, sadness, and anxiety
Cultivating more satisfaction and joy in daily life
Heightening creativity and productivity

For Creative Professionals:

Are you facing issues related to beginning, navigating through and maintaining, or transitioning to a new area of your life and professional career? 

My mind-body approach is influenced by my background in dance, dance/movement therapy, and yoga, as well as my ongoing interest and training in
Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and EMDR.   My areas of focus include helping creative professionals, such as  dancers, actors, writers, and other artists, work through:
    Creative Blocks 
    Performance Anxiety & Stress
    Body Image Issues
    Career & Life Transitions
I also work with creative professionals who are looking for new ways to enhance performance, creativity, and personal growth and insight.