Dr. Cathie Gum

Awareness, Transformation, & Integration



9171 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The building is located on the northeast corner of Wilshire and Palm, just west of Doheny.


Suite 670.  After entering the building through the double glass doors on Wilshire, take the elevator to the sixth floor and turn left as you exit the elevator.  Proceed down to the end of the hall and turn left.  Enter Suite 670, which is straight ahead, to enter the waiting room. 


In addition to the building’s underground parking garage (entrance on N Palm Dr, $5/hr), there is street parking (be sure to observe street signs to avoid parking tickets!):

2-hr parking south of Wilshire:

  • S Palm Dr (building directly accessible by crosswalk)
  • S Oakhurst Dr (1 block east of building)
  • Charlevillle Blvd (1 block south, parallel to Wilshire)
2-hr parking north of Wilshire:
  • Clifton Way (1 block north, parallel to Wilshire) 
  • N Palm Dr (directly west of building, north of Clifton Way)
  • N Oakhurst Dr (1/2 block east of building, north of Clifton Way)

After 6pm
North and south of Wilshire:

  • N & S Palm Dr (directly west of building)
  • N & S Oakhurst Dr (1/2 block east of building)

  • 1-hr parking on Wilshire in front of building

9am-4pm, 6-8pm
  • 1-hr parking on the west side of Doheny, north of Wilshire, 2 blocks east of building


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